Weminuche Wilderness Horsepack Photography Adventure

Weminuche Wilderness Photography Adventure


July 16-20, 2018  Ride the Rockies with us!


We will once again ride with Over the Hill Outfitters to their high camp in the spectacular Weminuche Wilderness. This is not just a photography workshop. It is a life experience!
At just a whisker under 500,000 acres, the Weminuche is the largest wilderness in the state of Colorado and roughly two-thirds the size of Rhode Island. The wilderness designation prohibits motorized vehicles of any kind. That means 4 magical days without cars, trucks, ATVs, motorcycles or even bicycles.
To see this majestic country, you either hike it or hoof it!
This is an unparalleled opportunity to photograph alpine wildflowers, rugged mountain landscapes, waterfalls, glacial lakes, and, of course, authentic wranglers, camp scenes, and horses.
Our guides will pamper us with all meals, tents and sleeping gear, Don’t worry about having to skimp on your camera kit. Pack horses will carry our gear for us. Yay!
Everyone gets their own tent or you can share with friends or family. All meals provided from Monday lunch through Friday lunch.
You need not be an experienced rider to participate. Randy has a stable of gentle, well-trained horses. But, then again, if you really don’t like to ride, I’m sure Randy can rustle up a horse that really doesn’t like to be ridden.
The camp is at 10,500 feet above sea level. Throughout the week we may ascend to as high as 12,500′ affording us some of the best views in Colorado! The US Forest Service restricts the number of heartbeats on a guided pack trip to 25; which includes horses, wranglers and photographers-everybody… So, this workshop is limited to only 8 participants.


This workshop is booked directly through the outfitter, here’s the link: Oh yeah, I wanna ride!!
If you’re still not sure, check out this gallery: Show me the GOOD stuff
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Cowboy humorist, Baxter Black says, “Christopher Marona takes pictures that most of us see in our minds. In his pictures, you can feel the ground shake and the thunder roll”.

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Colorado ridge riding.
Weminuche Wilderness, Colorado reflections of sunset

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